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Basic Offer: $200.00
Up to 4 "Pages" (approximately 8 1/2@ x 11" each page)
Choice of Background, coloring of text
Up to 4 "Links" per page
Includes 4 graphic images (configuration is in any combination, and one of the four can be your business logo)
E-mail address on Home Page

For Larger Sites: $350.00
Up to 8 "Pages"
Choice of Background, coloring of text
Up to 9 "Links" per page
Includes 10 graphic images
one marquee
E-Mail address on Home Page

Premium: $450.00
Up to 12 "Pages"
Choice of Background, coloring of text
Up to 12 "Links" per page
Includes 12 graphic images
2 Marquees
E-Mail address on Home Page

Extra Effects available for Customizing pages:

Call for pricing on effects such as frames or mapped gifs.
Guest Books - 2 Types Available:
1. Viewer Input $125.00 (on Dbase for web viewing)
2. Form (E-Mail to specific address) $75.00

10 fields, includes one drop box, 1 comment box

Marquees: $10.00 each
Additional Pages: $50.00 each
Additional Graphics $5.00 each
Additional Links $2.00 each

Can submit specifications for Larger Sites or Completely Customized Sites to be done by estimate.

* Customer provides information to be placed on the web site.
* Customer provides all graphic images in electronic (JPG or GIF) format. (Scanning service of pictures is available, call    for pricing)
* Customer will provide letterhead (or other) displaying Company Logo if it is to be used on the site; we do not design   Company Logos.




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